Legal expertise when you need it.

Solicitors’ Accounts Rules — As Reporting Accountants, are experienced in requirements of Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Hitting targets.

We understand these recent changes made to rules, how solicitors are affected by them and the commercial out look for legal professions. Our experienced team are able assist you understanding of rules and the reporting requirements. On experts as aware current developments in legal sector, and through proactive approach, in clients of any issues at affect them. We can make sure that rights systems for recording transactions. Also help tighten up your processes and systems to reduce the risk of errors. 

Our services to legal firms include:

In addition, can support legal firms through:

More and more legal practices, that LLPs or Limited companies. Revising, your business structure give you more freedom in terms of ownership, making the external investment easier and freeing up partners to focus on client work.

We can advise you on the options and give you assessment of worthwhile. If you decide to go ahead, can guide you process of making switch, including setting up remuneration systems.


As barrister, you may not have time to manage your finances whilst taking care, you clients and to negotiating settlements. At SRC-Time, help accountancy services. It is good chance are self-employed and looking for way make your accounting straight forward as possible.

It difficult to manage your time working, as legal professional, your distributing your time to clients and potentially making courts appearances. Keep on top of finances, is important in profession.

We can help you aspects of self-employed, accounting, VAT and personal tax.
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